Всюдисущі спецслужби та неправдиві медіа: типово радянська дипломатія у виконанні сучасної Росії

Російська дипломатія використовує на Балканах і в країнах Балтії місцеві медіа та громадський сектор для деструктивного впливу
02 Apr, 2018

The article is devoted to the task of studying the threats to the national security of the states, first of all the Baltic and the Balkan Peninsula States, in relation to which the Russian Federation willings to restore its dominant status and enhance its information influence. With this method on a systematic and proportional basis Russia uses diplomatic, intelligence, energy and information tools which have destabilizing nature. The key focus of the study is the media component of the information impact. The scientific hypothesis sounds like: the destructive use of questionable national media and their replenishment takes place systematically and efficiently there, where Russia's state interests exist for the restoration of its dominant subregion. National media are seen as a means of multiplication of externally initiated destabilizing political influences. However, as noted in the article, the cost of advocacy measures is increasing, and efficiency is significantly reduced as a result of a number of factors.