Энергетическое сотрудничество: Украина – Австралия

26 Вер, 2016

Ukraine – Australia energy cooperation

The widening of spectrum of Ukraine’s cooperation with foreign countries in the issues of energy remains critical for Ukraine which is struggling to reduce its dependence on the neighboring Russia. Australia is one of the partner which is able to assist Ukraine on the path of diversification of nuclear fuel supply from Russia. But the export of coal from Australia to Ukraine is also the real option.

Влияние глобального энергетического рынка на Украину

15 Вер, 2016

The influence of global energy on Ukraine

The global energy market is developing actively under the unique geopolitical circumstances – ongoing conflicts in the Middle East region, the LNG gas and oil extractions in the US, Canada and China, tough position of the OPEC member-states in the issues of freezing the volume of daily oil production ect. All those factors are effecting on attempts making by Ukraine on the path of reducing its dependence on the Russian gas and oil.

Сланцевый газ: коротко о глобальных перспективах

07 Вер, 2016

Shale gas: short-term perspectives

The global trends of development of extraction of the shale gas give substantial grounds for saying that this sort of energy is becoming the real alternative for classic natural gas. Ukraine possesses huge amount of the shale gas in two regions – Donbas and Ivano-Frankivsk oblast. Potentially, the official Kyiv is willing to substitute dramatically the tradition Russian gas on its own national shale gas. What are the real chances to reach this strategic goal?

Даниленко: «Кращим союзником України є власні армія та флот»

30 Сер, 2016

Ексклюзивне інтерв’ю з політологом-міжнародником

Про небезпеку «світового хулігана», планах Путіна, очікування Трампа та український експансіонизм в ексклюзивному інтерв’ю кореспонденту інтернет-видання Новини України – From-UA розповів голова Української ради міжнародних відносин, доктор політичних наук Сергій Даниленко.

Чим загрожує Україні зближення Туреччини із Росією?

09 Сер, 2016

How Russia-Turkey rapprochement threatens Ukraine?

The today’s visit of the Turkish president Erdogan to Russia puts a lot of questions regarding the real reasons standing behind the recent failed Turkish coup. Sharp changes occurred in the foreign policy of the official Ankara during the last month indicates that at least president Erdogan tries to move closer to Russia and simultaneously intends to worsen its relations with other two key strategic partners – the USA and the European Union. What does it mean for Ukraine and how far Turkey will go on the Russian rapprochement?