Brexit = слабкий ЄС = сильна Росія?

23 Чер, 2016

Brexit = weak EU = strong Russia?

Unlike many other world leaders, Russia's president Vladimir Putin has kept quiet about Britain's upcoming referendum on its membership of the EU. At the same time, Russia would look happiest country on the continent if Britain citizens could decide to leave the European Union. Nevertheless, the NATO, rather than the EU, is the most important organization for keeping Moscow in its place. Kremlin believes that, if Britain leaves the EU, then the alliance will be less robust in confronting Moscow over its aggressive posture in Central Europe and the Baltics.

США готуються до продажу зброї В’єтнаму

10 Чер, 2016

The US prepares for selling weapons to Vietnam

The US – Vietnam relations is warming quickly. During the visit of the US President to this country in May, 2016 the unprecedented historical decision was announced: the White House is going to abandon embargo on selling weapons to Vietnam which was imposed more than sixty years ago. In this regard, Ukraine is asking Washington about its own perspectives for receiving lethal weapons from the US.

Праві партії в Європі: де зараз і що буде потім?

01 Чер, 2016

Right parties in Europe: where they are and where will be?

The Right-political movements are steadily rising in Europe. The major preconditions for appearing of such phenomena relates to deterioration of the social-political situation in the EU member-state. Another reason for such processes is the active position of the some oligarchs who are paying a lot in order to financially support rights movements in Europe. Doing so, they do try to destroy the unity of the European Union, especially regarding the issues as anti-Russian sanctions imposed after the illegal occupation of Ukrainian Crimea.

Франция, Италия: кто следующий поддержит Россию?

24 Тр, 2016

France, Italy: who supports Russia next?

The regional Council of Veneto district in Italy adopted the Resolution which encouraged the Rome Government to acknowledge the illegal occupation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea by the Russian Federation. Unfortunately for Ukraine, the Northern region of Italy bears some potential threats for the position of Italian government towards anti-Russian EU sanctions. It is expected that other local Councils from Northern Italy might adopt the similar Resolution.

Сталинско-гитлеровская дружба

06 Тр, 2016

Stalin – Hitler friendship

On the eve of the 71st anniversary of the victory in the Second World War, there are some unknown historical facts which have still being hiding by the Russian propaganda. The Moscow’s military aggression against Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova had unfortunately confirmed the assumption that Russian political regime does not overcome the stereotypes and it’s prefer to live in the system of coordinates where there are black and white reflections. Nevertheless the most of the post-Soviet countries are rethinking their role in the new architecture of the European democracy and security.