Чим загрожує Україні зближення Туреччини із Росією?

09 Сер, 2016

How Russia-Turkey rapprochement threatens Ukraine?

The today’s visit of the Turkish president Erdogan to Russia puts a lot of questions regarding the real reasons standing behind the recent failed Turkish coup. Sharp changes occurred in the foreign policy of the official Ankara during the last month indicates that at least president Erdogan tries to move closer to Russia and simultaneously intends to worsen its relations with other two key strategic partners – the USA and the European Union. What does it mean for Ukraine and how far Turkey will go on the Russian rapprochement?

The Failed Turkish Coup: implication for Ukraine

20 Лип, 2016

During the weekend of 15-17 July, 2016 a faction of Turkey’s military attempted to take over the country. World leaders are fearful that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will use these attacks in order to further strengthen his rule. But what happened during the coup? And what sorts of influence does the failed coup attempt have on the rest of the world?

NATO Summit Conclusion: Implications for Eastern Europe, Ukraine, and Russia

11 Лип, 2016

From 8-9 July 2016, the annual NATO Summit was held in Warsaw, Poland. The most important part of the summit was the joint collaboration agreement between NATO and the EU. But overall, given the fact that various conflicts and tensions have risen in recent memory, the NATO Summit demonstrated that the alliance is still strong and will look out for its members and partners. But what were the details that were discussed during these meetings?

Китай готовий здавати лідируючі позиції?

08 Лип, 2016

Is China ready to step down?

During the last decades we are witnessing that China demonstrates the high international economic activities. But latest developments that are taking place on the Chinese market is demonstrating the slow economic growth. It jeopardizes some Russian plans towards China which is considered official Beijing as a new strategic partner. Who will win in this geopolitical gambles and who will loose in it?

Warsaw Summit of NATO: what Ukraine can expect?

01 Лип, 2016

On the 8th and 9th of July, 2016 various heads of state and governments of NATO members countries will meet in Warsaw for NATO’s annual summit. While several things will be discussed during the summit, such the developments in Libya and security in Afghanistan, it is without a doubt that Ukrainian representatives will want to discuss its current military reforms, its continued conflict in Donbas and its Russian military participation.