Украина - Польша: появляются новые угрозы

Ukraine – Poland: the new threats appeared
14 Nov, 2015

The political perspectives of the dialogue between Ukraine and Poland after the parliamentarian elections held in this neighboring country in October 2015 are shaping the new circumstances for both – Kyiv and Warsaw. It is expected that the new Polish government might raise some sensitive historical issues for Ukraine. Nevertheless no substantial grounds for worsening bilateral relations are expected.

Як мігранти потрапляють на територію Євросоюзу?

How migrants enter the EU member-states?
06 Nov, 2015

The strong waves of immigrants and asylum seekers from the Middle East and North African countries triggered the so-called “immigrant crisis” in the EU’s member-states. No one in Europe anticipated that during the short period of time dozens of thousands of immigrants had flowed the continent demanding asylum status. The analysis of these phenomena gives the ground to state that Russia is doing its best in order to create a headache for the European Union.

Косово на равных с Украиной движется к Евросоюзу

Kosovo moves toward European Union on equal terms with Ukraine
31 Oct, 2015

After the Association and Stabilization Agreement with the European Union has been signed, Kosovo is actively engaged into the euro integration process. But divided position among the EU member-states regarding Kosovo complicates this path. Also Serbia is looking forward more close cooperation with the EU with simultaneous foremanship with Russia. How all those factors could effect the EU’s perspectives for Ukraine?

Анализ макрофинансовой помощи ЕС для Украины

The analysis of the EU financial assistance for Ukraine
25 Sep, 2015

С начала 2014 года официальный Брюссель принял решение о выделении Украине макрофинансовой помощи, которая направляется на стабилизацию финансово-экономической ситуации в стране, находящейся под внешней российской агрессией. На сегодня принято несколько решений Европейского Союза о выделении траншей макрофинансовой помощи:

• в апреле 2014 года было выделено около 250 миллионов евро;

• в мае 2014 года было выделено около 101 миллиона евро;

• в ноябре 2014 года было выделено около 255 миллионов евро.


Как иммиграционная проблема Европы повлияет на Украину?

How the immigration challenge for Europe affects Ukraine?
14 Sep, 2015

The urgent problems with immigrants from the Middle East and Northern Africa countries appeared on the top political agenda of the European Union. The so-called “immigration challenge” has been widely discussed during the last Assembly of the European Parliament. The outcomes of these debates give the substantial grounds for saying that this new problem also affects Ukraine. How?

Казахстан шукає геополітичний баланс

Kazakhstan is looking for geopolitical balance
31 Aug, 2015

The last political and economical trends in the region of the Middle East clearly show that complicated times are come for the Russian Federation. The reason is because China steadily squeezes Moscow from the region. The ambitious project of the Big Silk Road will not include Russia. Instead of that, Ukraine will play one of the biggest roles.

Курильские острова - предпродажная подготовка территорий

Kuril Islands – preparation for sale
13 Aug, 2015

The secret negotiations between Russia and Japan over the disputed Kuril Islands triggered intensive debates in the Russian and Japanese mass-media. We predicted that Tokyo will not compromise its previous positions and remain firm in the issues of Kuril Islands. The Crimean problem will not be traded in. Putin should not have any high expectations that Tokyo will leave the sanctions against Russia.

Президент Білорусі шукає вихід з російських пасток

President of Belarus is looking for a way out of Russian traps
07 Aug, 2015

The upcoming Presidential elections in Belarus scheduled on November, 2015 are very important either for the Western countries or for Russia from different points of view, primarily because both geopolitical players are not interested in the new military clashes in the center of Europe. But Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity triggered some internal developments in neighboring Belarus. 

Румунія посилює вплив на українських кордонах

Romania increases its influence on the Ukrainian borders
30 Jul, 2015

Moldova is a key country as for the neighboring Ukraine as well as for Romania which has long historical ties with Kishinev. But Russia, even despite the absence of the common borders with Moldova, also considers this country as an instrument for making geopolitical troubles for the whole East Europe region in general, and for the EU in particular.

ФСБ посилює вплив на процеси в Росії The FSB increases its influence on the processes in Russia admin 17 Jun, 2015

A serious of recent high-rank appointments in the Russian state institutions indicated that the Federal Security Service is steadily broadening its influence over the internal political processes in the country. It shows, from the one hand, that the FSB is confronting with Chechen President, and from the other - the FSB is becoming no-alternative player on Russia’s political map.

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