Парламент України треба перенести в Харків

The Parliament of Ukraine should be moved to Kharkiv
14 May, 2014

The existing tensions in the Eastern Ukraine clearly show the vital necessity for the central power to calm down separatists moods. The formula for such action could be very simple – to move the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from the capital Kyiv to the city of Kharkiv.

Россия купила руководство Совет Европы?

Has Russia bought the Council of Europe?
07 May, 2014

The history of capture by separatists in the Eastern Ukraine the military representatives of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and after that the successful release them by Vladimir Lukin (Russia) and Torbjorn Jagland (the Secretary General of the Council of Europe) provides a rich food for thoughts regarding the scale of Russia’s influence on this organization.

Почему Путин перестал ездить в зарубежные поездки?

Does Vladimir Putin have a health problem?
12 Apr, 2014

The Geostrategy Group has received the information that the Russian President Vladimir Putin was recently diagnosed with a terrible disease - cancer. Its confirmed only early stage of development of the disease, therefore Moscow is now making active efforts for its treatment. For obvious reasons this information could not be officially approved.

Чи вийде Росія з «військових договорів»?

Is Russia preparing to withdraw from arms treaties?
24 Mar, 2014

As Russia and the West continue to trade threats over the Ukraine crisis, the Russian Defense Ministry has raised the stakes by saying it is considering halting foreign inspections of its strategic nuclear arsenal. If it followed through on the threat, Moscow would be in clear violation of the New START arms control agreement. To this point, most of the threats or enacted measures over the Crimea standoff have centered on economic reprisal, not anything that could affect security. Russia certainly has concerns about New START and other weapons treaties with the West, but it has no intention of withdrawing and rekindling an arms race it may not be able to afford.

Роль українських олігархів у вирішенні кризи в Криму

The role of Ukraine oligarchs in Ukraine-Russia crisis
19 Mar, 2014

The Ukrainian oligarchs function as a bridge between the Western-leaning interim government and Russia's interests in the country, especially in the Ukrainian East. They will play a key role in negotiations over Ukraine's political future and will prove pivotal in shaping any Ukrainian administration's relationship with Russia.

Якщо ви бажаєте отримати цей матеріал заповніть будь ласка форму. Ми вийдемо з вами на зв’язок.


Китай готовиться напасть на Россию?

Is China preparing to attack Russia?
03 Mar, 2014

The military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine has triggered the process of increasing pressure of Russia’s neighboring countries on the territorial integrity of Russia itself. China is among neighboring countries which has already prepared the concrete plan how to get the control under the huge Russian territories.

По сообщениям некоторых информационных ресурсов, два дня назад на Всекитайском собрании народных представителей (Парламент Китая) был зарегистрирован законопроект о присоединении к Китаю территорий России, который на заседании в пятницу, 28 февраля 2014 года представила депутат Сунь Вань Хань.

Россия готовится к перезагрузке. Медведчука «сольют»?

Is Russia preparing for reloading in Ukraine?
28 Feb, 2014

Бегство бывшего президента Украины Виктора ЯНУКОВИЧА с Киева поставило российскую сторону в тупик, продемонстрировав второй после событий 2004 года просчет российских стратегов в отношении Украины. Контакты группы глобальной разведки Geostrategy указывают на то, что после известных событий в Украине российское руководство пребывает в ярости. Оно зло на Виктора ЯНУКОВИЧА и его ближайшее окружение, которое не смогло удержать ситуацию в Украине под контролем, доведя дела до катастрофического положения.


Леонід Кожара будує корупційні схеми

The MFA prepares corruption scheme
21 Feb, 2014

The acting foreign minister Leonod Kozhara is preparing the corruption scheme which is solely aimed at using the state budget resources for personal enrichment of the minister and his close partners.

Россия занялась сбором информации об украинских дипломатах

Russia starts collecting database on Ukrainian diplomats
11 Feb, 2014

According to information from sources closed to the ministers of foreign affair of the Commonwealth of independent states, the Russian Foreign Service starts to collect database about the diplomats from the CIS’s countries who served into the system of foreign Soviet Union Foreign Service. The real aim of this initiative is unclear.

Візит Леоніда Кожари до Ізраїлю опинився під загрозою

Is the dialogue between Ukraine and Israel under threat?
05 Feb, 2014

Latest political developments in Ukraine have already caused to obvious difficulties that official Kyiv faced on the international arena. It relates to cancellation of numerous international voyages of the president of Ukraine and the minister for foreign affairs. There are some visible signs that Israel is also able to postpone the official contacts with Ukraine.

Групі глобальної розвідки Geostrategy стало відомо про суттєві труднощі, які виникають у міністерства закордонних справ України у ході підготовки робочого візиту міністра Леоніда КОЖАРИ до Ізраїлю.