ШОС никогда не станет Евросоюзом

SOC never becomes the Asian EU
24 Mar, 2015

Under the conditions of continued international political pressure and almost formal diplomatic isolation, the Moscow’s authorities are trying to build up the new alternatives to the Western block – Shanghai Organization for Cooperation. But this initiative becomes a serious trap for Russia. Why? 

Ісламська держава: справжні цілі залишаються загадковими

Islamic state: real goals remain unclear
17 Mar, 2015

The Islamic state which appeared on the political map of the Middle East in 2006, confused all cards of the major geopolitical players. Established control over the part of territory of Syria and Iraq by the Islamic state created the threats for many actors, including the USA, Russian the EU and even China. Who stands behind of these phenomena? The group expressed its own thoughts.

Оружие для Украины: каковы перспективы?

Weapons for Ukraine: what perspectives?
03 Mar, 2015

There are a lot of political speculations around the very sensitive issue of the foreign weapon’s supply to Ukraine which is opposing the Russian military aggression in the Donbas. The recent visit of the Ukrainian President Poroshenko to the United Arab Emirates underlined the fact that those uncertainties will be continued till the situation on the ground remains tense.

Азербайджан отворачивается от Украины?

Is Azerbaijan turning from Ukraine?
25 Feb, 2015

 The Euromaidan events, occurred in 2014, and Russian military aggression against Crimean Peninsula and in the Donbas as consequences of those developments dramatically changed the political attitude of Azerbaijan towards Ukraine. The political approaches of Baku were also significantly changed towards the Russian Federation. What are the today’s political preferences which the official Baku is following?

Украина помогла Грузии усилить сотрудничество с НАТО Ukraine assists Georgia to enhance cooperation with NATO admin 11 Feb, 2015

While Ukraine is facing pro-Russian military aggression in the Donbas region, Georgia enhances the full-scale cooperation the NATO. It raises some serious concern from the Russian side, which continues to believing that the NATO is still considering some options to undermine the Russian’s dominance on the territory of the former USSR.


Анализ бюджета России: социальный/олигархический взрыв приближается

Russian budget: social and oligarch explosion is coming
27 Jan, 2015

Facing numerous economic problems, related particularly to the high inflation, low oil price and imposed sanctions by the Western countries, the Kremlin is considering budget cuts for 2015. Those constraints would have far-reaching effects, which could lead as to further turbulence on the Russian market as well as to deterioration of the social life in the country.

Советско-финнская война: уроки для Украины

Soviet-Finland war: lessons for Ukraine
21 Jan, 2015

The lessons learned from the war between former Soviet Union and Finland in 1939 - 1940 are considered as a very interesting for Ukraine which stands at war with Russian Federation since 2014. Relatively small Finland, being unprepared to the war, but using smart military planning and strategy, inflicted great damage for Soviet army. Ukraine should learn some interesting details for more effective self-defense.

Война в Украине и две стратегии исповедания веры

War in Ukraine and two Confession strategies
15 Jan, 2015

Recent events have shown that the Ukrainian society, without the ideological  help able to determine the relevant national meaning and purposes. The place of ideology took pathos of transformation, backed by the ideals and values. Does Ukraine need official ideology? Does Ukraine need pro-government Church? Perhaps a single local church is important to us not as a policy tool, but as a symbol of our spiritual unity?

Россия проигрывает Одессу

Russia loses Odesa
13 Jan, 2015

The illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014 by the Russian Federation leaded to the situation when Odesa begins to play vitally important role for further Moscow’s political and military expansion over Ukraine. Multiple bombing attacks on the city occurred in 2014. But despite it Russia continues to lose Odesa as a platform for destabilizing situation in Ukraine.

Москва ограничит финансирование дипломатии и разведки

Moscow restricts financing its diplomacy and intelligence
09 Jan, 2015


Аналитики группы глобальной разведки Geostrategy, проведя финансовые расчеты параметров федерального бюджета России, пришли к выводу, что в следующем году объемы финансирования Министерства иностранных дел России и Службы внешней разведки будут существенно урезаны. Такое решение связано с несколькими факторами.