Сусіди Росії: коло «недругів» стрімко розширюється

Russia’s neighbors: the circle of unfriendly states widens
02 Mar, 2016

The aggressive behavior of the Russian Federation on the international arena started in 2008 where the military aggression against Georgia was committed. The particular problem for Russian political regime become with the occupation of Crimea and direct involvement into the war on the Donbas regime. But Georgia and Ukraine are not the only “enemies” for Russian politicians. Which neighboring countries do have with Russia hot political disputes, including territorial?

Росія активно будує військові бази в Арктиці

Russia builds the military basis in Arctic
03 Dec, 2015

Although Russia is working actively in order to provide facilities for deploying its military forces in the Arctic region, the commercial purpose of such initiatives still remain unclear. At the same time, there are much more political motivations for Kremlin in the battle over Arctic because Russian intends closing its borders and deploying as maximum military forces in different regions as possible. Ukraine should learn its own lessons. Read more

Як мігранти потрапляють на територію Євросоюзу?

How migrants enter the EU member-states?
06 Nov, 2015

The strong waves of immigrants and asylum seekers from the Middle East and North African countries triggered the so-called “immigrant crisis” in the EU’s member-states. No one in Europe anticipated that during the short period of time dozens of thousands of immigrants had flowed the continent demanding asylum status. The analysis of these phenomena gives the ground to state that Russia is doing its best in order to create a headache for the European Union.

Как «Рошен» попал на столы в Генассамблее ООН?

How Roshen chocolate went to tables of the UN?
19 Oct, 2015

The election of Ukraine as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council for the period of two years – 2016-2017 – was presented by the President of Ukraine as a significant political breakthrough. Having no doubts about the importance of this event, there are some elements of the election campaign that raised serious questions towards the transparency in the MFA of Ukraine.

Украинские аналогии сирийского конфликта

Ukrainian similarities in the Syrian conflict
14 Oct, 2015

The nature of ongoing conflict around Syria has been dramatically changed after the Russian air forces started its operation against Islamic state and Syrian opposition military forces which are fighting with Bashar Assad’s army. The United States has suspended the implementation of some programs aimed at strengthening Syrian opposition army. Where is the Ukrainian trace in those developments?  

Российский trade-in: что Россия пытается получить в обмен на операции против ИГ в Сирии

Russian trade-in in Syria
05 Oct, 2015

В странах Запада термин "trade-in" имеет очень четкий смысл, он означает "обменную сделку". Если, например, у человека имеется старый автомобиль, он может сдать его в компанию, где автомобиль был приобретен, и получить взамен с небольшой доплатой полностью новое авто.

Многоходовка Путина: пока безрезультатно

Putin’s multi-step combinations: no results yet
29 Sep, 2015

The outcomes of the one-day working visit of the Russian president Vladimir Putin to New-York with a purpose of participating in the 70-th UN General Assemble showed the still weak position of Russia on the international arena. He tried to trade in Ukraine and Crimean crisis for the conflict in Syria, but he obviously failed. His meeting with the US president has also brought no expected results.

Страны Запада теряют доверие к Самопомощи

The West is losing the trust towards Samopomich
21 Sep, 2015

Immediately after the Parliamentary elections held in 2014, the new pro-Ukrainian and pro-West political party Samopomich gave a lot of optimism as for the Ukrainian electorate as well as for the USA and the EU countries. The reason was simple: the young Ukrainian politicians promised to implement the long-expected internal reforms without delays. But why Western countries have been disappointed with the behavior of Samopomich which did not support the comprehensive Constitutional reform? 

Как иммиграционная проблема Европы повлияет на Украину?

How the immigration challenge for Europe affects Ukraine?
14 Sep, 2015

The urgent problems with immigrants from the Middle East and Northern Africa countries appeared on the top political agenda of the European Union. The so-called “immigration challenge” has been widely discussed during the last Assembly of the European Parliament. The outcomes of these debates give the substantial grounds for saying that this new problem also affects Ukraine. How?

Казахстан шукає геополітичний баланс

Kazakhstan is looking for geopolitical balance
31 Aug, 2015

The last political and economical trends in the region of the Middle East clearly show that complicated times are come for the Russian Federation. The reason is because China steadily squeezes Moscow from the region. The ambitious project of the Big Silk Road will not include Russia. Instead of that, Ukraine will play one of the biggest roles.