Молдова: між Москвою і Брюсселем Moldova: between Moscow and Brussels admin 08 May, 2017

The ongoing internal processes in neighboring Moldova poses some very sensitive threats for the national security of Ukraine. Primarily, because the President of Moldova expresses its political wishes to enhance cooperation with Russia and simultaneously, diminish its cooperation with the European Union and NATO. It might cause to internal turbulences in Moldova as a reaction to deepening cooperation with Russia with unpredictable outcomes.

Moldova_way МолдоваРосіяРумуніяІгор Додон

Вибори в Нідерландах зупинили процес руйнування Євросоюзу

Elections in Netherlands suspends the ruining of the EU
22 Mar, 2017

The outcomes of the recent Parliamentary elections conducted in Netherlands in March, 2017 have dispelled anticipations that the European Union is moving towards its sunset. Contrary, the results of the elections have clearly showed that the EU is still a political project, which is attractive for the Europeans. It also gives some grounds to believe that upcoming elections in France and Germany will consolidate these political trends.

Президентські вибори у Франції: що цікавить Україну?

Presidential elections in France: Ukraine’s implications
02 Mar, 2017

The outcomes of the Presidential election in France, which is scheduled on 2017 promise to shake dramatically the whole political landscape in Europe. Ukraine is not the exception primarily because Paris plays leading role on the Normandy format of the settlement situation in Eastern Ukraine. Secondly, because Ukraine seeks to have a broader implementation of the Association agreement with the EU and France has its tools in order to enhance or to lower such activities.

Польща залишається другом України Poland remains the friend of Ukraine admin 15 Feb, 2017

The speech of the Minister for foreign affairs of Poland in the Parliament outlined the major priorities of the Poland’s foreign policy in 2017. Among those elements, supporting Ukraine remains one of the key priority for Warsaw, along with deepening bilateral relations with the Great Britain and France. The cooperation within the NATO and its further enlarging of the European Union are also the cornerstones in the European security system, minister believes.

Україна йде до Європи Польщавійськово-технічне співробітництвоУкраїнаВеликобританіяРосія «Алмаз-Антей» обвалив плани РФ на оскарження санкцій admin 14 Feb, 2017

Росія ще відчує резонанс від рішення Суду ЄС, який фактично визнав, що РФ, як держава, причетна до збройного конфлікту на Сході України. Після цього рішення інші російські компанії із санкційного списку тричі подумають перед тим, як подавати аналогічні позови. Або ж взагалі відмовляться від подібних намірів. Тобто можна вважати, що для Росії шлях боротьби із санкціями судовими методами виявився повністю бесперспективним. А отже їй доведеться негайно шукати інші шляхи послаблення санкцій.

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Економічний форум в Давосі: чого очікувати?

Davos economic forum: what should we expect?
16 Jan, 2017

The World economic forum-2017 in Davos is devoted to the resistible leadership which, under current geopolitical circumstances, plays unique role in crisis solutions of mutual international conflicts. But first glance on the level of participants gives the ground to state that this forum will be particular – no one from the high-level official of the key world players comes to Switzerland. The US, Germany and France are preparing to the reloading of its political elites. What Ukraine should expect from Davos-2017?

Як буде мінятися політичний ландшафт Європи в 2017 році?

How the political landscape in Europe will be changed in 2017?
30 Dec, 2016

Europe is expected a number of presidential and parliamentary elections in 2017 which have the potential to change dramatically the political landscape in the key European Union’s member-states. It definitely effects their attitude towards the Russian military aggression committed by this country against Ukraine. It is also expected that some EU countries might initiate the rolling back of the sanctions imposed by the European Union against Moscow. 

Образ Китаю в українському медійному просторі

The image of China in Ukrainian mass-media
25 Nov, 2016

The image of China in the Ukrainian mass media is a subject for profound expert examinations. This country which has a lot of national interests in Ukraine should be most recognizable for average Ukrainians as a partner that provides not only the goods for the national market (sometimes a low- quality) but also investments and technologies. Therefore both – Ukraine and China – have to encourage professional dialogue about further mutually beneficial cooperation in many fields.

Резолюция по Крыму: РФ попытается взять реванш руками «группы 76» admin 18 Nov, 2016

Третий Комитет Генассамблеи ООН, который, в частности, занимается вопросами защиты прав человека, 15 ноября в Нью-Йорке принял исторический проект резолюции о нарушениях прав человека во временно оккупированном Крыму. Этот проект определяет ответственность, которую несет Россия за правовую вакханалию, которая бешеными темпами разворачивается на полуострове уже третий год подряд.

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Білорусі стає все важче тримати геополітичний баланс: ризики для України

Belarus is becoming increasingly difficult to keep geopolitical balance: Ukraine’s implication
01 Nov, 2016

The outcomes of the Parliamentary elections in Russia which was conducted recently, indicates that official Minsk is slowly turning back from Moscow towards the European Union. But the process of the Euro integration is so invisible and fragile that is too premature to talk about any kind of geopolitical breakthrough. But anyway what does it mean for Ukraine in the nearest future?