Россия расшатывает Евросоюз через Австрию

Russia undermines the EU through Austria
02 Jul, 2014

In view of very complicated and unfriendly international political environment toward Russia, who aggressively behaves towards its neighboring country – Ukraine, Moscow is seeking the practical ways to split the EU position regarding Ukraine. Austria – is one of the EU country which assists Russia to complicate the way out in East Ukraine crisis.

Центральна Європа рятує європерспективу України

Central Europe saves the Euro-perspective for Ukraine
24 Jun, 2014

The mass-media covered the elections to the European Parliament putting the particular stress on the so-called new political trend reflects the increasing of Euro skepticism among the EU member-states. But the situation on the ground is slightly different: the Central Europe is saving the Euro perspectives for Ukraine.

Спасти украинских разведчиков

Rescue Ukrainian secret agents
16 Jun, 2014

The former high-ranked persons who were involved into the sphere of Ukrainian foreign policy and Secret services could transfer information with a very restricted access to the Russian secret services. If this possible betrayal occurs, it could cause to the negative consequences for Ukrainian foreign activities.

Россия купила руководство Совет Европы?

Has Russia bought the Council of Europe?
07 May, 2014

The history of capture by separatists in the Eastern Ukraine the military representatives of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and after that the successful release them by Vladimir Lukin (Russia) and Torbjorn Jagland (the Secretary General of the Council of Europe) provides a rich food for thoughts regarding the scale of Russia’s influence on this organization.

Бегство в Китай- спасение или крах России?

Escape Russia to China - salvation or collapse?
29 Apr, 2014

The foreign policy and military activity of Russia, which has resulted in the annexation of the Crimea and attempted armed seizure of territories in Eastern Ukraine, led to the freezing of the active relations between Russia and the European Union and the United States. Is China stand behind the Russian isolation from active political and economic dialogue with the West?

Що робиться в голові у Володимира Путіна?

What is in the head of Mr. Putin?
21 Apr, 2014

Сarefully reviewing the shorthand and the video released after the intervention of Vladimir Putin before Russian audience on April 17, 2014, the Geostrategy used the method of psycholinguistic analysis, which allowed determining the so-called system of values in which current owner of the Kremlin is living. It provides the opportunity to see what is behind the political statements expressed by Putin.

Украина в мировых СМИ: Киев должен рассчитывать только на себя

Ukraine in the world mass-media
08 Apr, 2014

The latest internal developments in Ukraine particularly related to the illegal annexation of the Crimea by Russia are still attracting a lot of attention of the world mass-media. Most of them are tending to consider Ukraine – Russia tensions as a part of the Russia’s global game aimed at reshaping the existing world order.

Центральна Азія почала вагатися з приводу Євразійського союзу

Central Asia hesitates about its Eurasian perspectives
01 Apr, 2014

Falling of Yanukovych’s regime caused by pressure from civil society, and the annexation of the Russian Federation a part of Ukraine, spooked Central Asia. Primarily - Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, where significant Russian-speaking population are living. The local residents fear that the Kremlin could use this as an excuse for domestic interference in their lives by playing the same "Crimean card."

Кримська криза: початок загострення світових конфліктів

The crisis in Crimea exacerbates existing conflicts in the world
21 Mar, 2014

The Geostrategy considers the crisis situation in the Crimea in a broader international context. In the world today there are many conflict zones, similar to the situation in the Autonomy. These conflicts are in various stages of development, but the brutal behavior of Russia could cause them sharp aggravation and, consequently, the occurrence of latent conflicts in the “hot phase”.

Турция готова сдать Крым России?

Is Turkey preparing to surrender Crimea?
10 Mar, 2014

The ongoing profound political crisis in Crimea is affecting the whole Black sea region. Turkey, which is a Ukraine’s strategic partner, is strangely keeping the silence on this matter. What reasons are behind of this rather strange Turkey’s behavior? Are there any secret agreements reached between Turkey and Russia – the country which is deeply and quickly sliding into the international isolation?