Думки з Європи. Про геополітику

Some thoughts from Europe. About geopolitics
14 Sep, 2014

Europe is very much interested in making some practical things in order to undermine the political regime of Putin. Unexpectedly for Russia, the European Union wakes up and impose new painful sanctions against Russia, along with the United States. Putin is surprised; he miscalculated with the EU and the USA. His regime slides into the dangerous phase.

Почему НАТО становится главным врагом России?

Why NATO again becomes the enemy of Russia?
08 Sep, 2014

The analysis of the main political messages declared by the Russian president Putin during the last years clearly indicated that Kremlin is very much worried about the NATO’s expansions on the East Europe. The reason why Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 is also lying in the same format. Using this rhetoric, Putin is trying to create for the Russian society the image of the foreign enemy.

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Новый дипломный скандал: в фокусе – Ягланд

New diploma scandal: Jagland is in focus
04 Sep, 2014

According the outcomes of the analyses conducted by the Geostrategy Group, some factual mistake occurred in the official biography of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjørn Jagland. Those mistakes particularly related to the diploma of Oslo University. It looks like Jagland does not have it. What are hiding behind this factual mistake?

Why Putin wants to take a control over Ukraine?

22 Aug, 2014

This visual map explains a lot why Russia is so aggressive in “Ukrainian case”. The reason why is very simply – please no be surprised:

• not because Russian President Putin wants to defend the right of Russian-speaking minorities who live in Ukraine;
• not because Russian President Putin is worried about the state of democracy in Ukraine;
• not because Russian President Putin is worried about the perspectives of the European integration of Ukraine which could negatively effects the living standards of Russians who live in Russia


• because Russian President Putin wants to take control over the industry of Ukraine on which Russia critically depends.

It calls as bandit policy for rough seize of assets in neighboring state.

Россия теряет Африку. Причина - конфликт в Украине

Russia is losing Africa
15 Aug, 2014

While Russian President Vladimir Putin's capabilities threw on a senseless bloody war with neighboring Ukraine, his own country continues to rapidly lose political and economical influence in the world. In this regard, African continent is a very obvious example.

Россия готовится открывать «второй фронт». Через Беларусь

Russia is preparing to open the second front. Through Belarus
13 Jul, 2014

The president of Russia Putin visited Republic of Belarus at the beginning of July, 2014. He had a restricted meeting with the president of Belarus Lukashenko. There is no information about the issues discussed on this meeting. But the Geostrategy Group has received some indications that the plan of possible entering Russian army through the territory of Belarus to Ukraine was discussed. What Ukraine should think as an adequate response to this potential challenge?

Россия расшатывает Евросоюз через Австрию

Russia undermines the EU through Austria
02 Jul, 2014

In view of very complicated and unfriendly international political environment toward Russia, who aggressively behaves towards its neighboring country – Ukraine, Moscow is seeking the practical ways to split the EU position regarding Ukraine. Austria – is one of the EU country which assists Russia to complicate the way out in East Ukraine crisis.

Центральна Європа рятує європерспективу України

Central Europe saves the Euro-perspective for Ukraine
24 Jun, 2014

The mass-media covered the elections to the European Parliament putting the particular stress on the so-called new political trend reflects the increasing of Euro skepticism among the EU member-states. But the situation on the ground is slightly different: the Central Europe is saving the Euro perspectives for Ukraine.

Спасти украинских разведчиков

Rescue Ukrainian secret agents
16 Jun, 2014

The former high-ranked persons who were involved into the sphere of Ukrainian foreign policy and Secret services could transfer information with a very restricted access to the Russian secret services. If this possible betrayal occurs, it could cause to the negative consequences for Ukrainian foreign activities.

Россия купила руководство Совет Европы?

Has Russia bought the Council of Europe?
07 May, 2014

The history of capture by separatists in the Eastern Ukraine the military representatives of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and after that the successful release them by Vladimir Lukin (Russia) and Torbjorn Jagland (the Secretary General of the Council of Europe) provides a rich food for thoughts regarding the scale of Russia’s influence on this organization.